SECTRA Digital Pathology Solution

Empowering pathology to improve cancer care

Sectra provides a complete solution for primary diagnostics in pathology, developed in close cooperation with leading pathologists. Sectra’s solution for digital pathology allows pathologists to make their diagnoses and carry out reporting with higher precision and less time spent per case. It makes workload balancing, consultations, second opinions and frozen section reviews much more efficient. It also supports integrated diagnostics workflows by enabling improved collaboration between radiology and pathology. Our offering includes a powerful pathology PACS workstation with an optimized image window and a digital pathology archive.

Five key advantages with Sectra Digital Pathology Solution

  • Optimized workflow – reading and sharing efficiency
  • More consistent reviews
  • Availability anytime, anywhere
  • Efficient multi-disciplinary team meetings and integrated diagnostics
  • Integration with healthcare IT solutions
  • Learn more in the infographic (click for larger image)