Sectra VNA

Sectra VNA lets you consolidate your image handling through a single centralized, standards-based multimedia archive. It facilitates the capture of medical images, videos, and audio clips from virtually any source, including all types of DICOM images, ECG, HD film, non-DICOM images—and even whole slide digital pathology images. Images may be DICOM-wrapped or kept in their original format, so you can choose the optimal strategy for each department and workflow. Images can be reached from the EMR and follow the clinical pathway of the patient, enabling clinicians to find and use all information—from anywhere, at any time, and on any device.

When consolidating the enterprise archive, it is vital to ensure that the workflows in image-intense departments—such as mammography, pathology, cardiology, and radiology—continue to function smoothly. Sectra offers not only extensive archiving experience, but we have also provided complete workflow solutions for more than 25 years, adapted to the needs of each clinical discipline.

Customer references stories – https://sectra.com/medical/cases/

More than 1,800 sites from all continents currently use Sectra’s systems. Here we have gathered a collection of customer reference stories.