What can Xplore do for you?

Xplore is a comprehensive web-based image and data management system, designed especially for use in research settings. It provides a central hub to create, manage, interrogate and share both individual and collaborative studies. Compatible with all major digital slide formats and microscope images you can start using immediately.

Its configurable study-based folder hierarchy makes is the most flexible platform on the market, and by allowing you to share studies with your colleagues with one simple click, Xplore fast-tracks collaboration across geographies and institution.

Features PathXL Xplore

  • Xplore offers a next generation approach to research image and data management, housed within a simple and easy to use interface. Increase your efficiency and your team’s by storing all information in one hub. This reduces the amount of paperwork involved and eliminates cross checking across various platforms.
  • Scalable to research organisations of all sizes, and allowing for an unlimited number of studies and sub-folders, Xplore integrates effortlessly with existing IT infrastructure and runs direct from your browser. No need to purchase additional hardware.
  • Open platform to import data from different sources.


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