Cytocentrifuge SLEE CS I&II

Basic or advanced cytocentrifuge for monolayer cell preparation

Flexible choice and handling of rotors

• Cytocentrifugation open or closed (12 loading positions)
• Easily removable rotor for outside loading
• Wide variety of rotors available (sediment, cytocentrifuge)

Competitively priced consumables

• Single and double cytologyfunnels (reusable or disposable)
• Large volume Ecofunnels (reusable or disposable)
• Variety of absorption pads
• Coated and uncoated cytocentrifugation slides

Easy and safe handling

• Convenient preparation
• Slide clips applicable to reusable and disposable funnels
• Slide label readable at any time
• Indication of the RCF during centrifugation

Spin performance 6.000 rpm
rotors Cellclip-rotor open or closed (up to 2.000 rpm)
Swing-out rotors
Fixed angle rotors
Safety aspects Automatic cover lock and holding
Automatic imbalance shut-off
Automatic rotor recognition
Emergency unlocking
IEC 1010
Safety alarm to protect Operators and samples
Design Metal casing and cover
entrifugation chamber made of stainless steel
Swing stopper
Viewing window in lid
Dimensions[W x D x H] 370 x 430 x 260 mm
Weight [kg] approx. 25 kg
Electrical parameters 208-240 V; 50-60 Hz (Art.No.: 15500000)