Manual Microtome SLEE 4062

The manual precision microtome

Standard unit for Paraffin sections and research-, plastic- and industrial applications.

• High precision specimen feed
• Smoothly running handwheel
• Handwheel lock in each position
• Trimming function in 4 steps
• Specimen retraction upon backstroke
• Acoustic signal for end position of specimen movement
• Vibration free microtome base plate
• Ergonomically located coarse feed wheel
• Spacious, integrated section waste tray
• Wide range of accessories

Optional accessories for tailor-made configurations:

• 3-component disposable blade holder (low/high Profile blades)
• 3-component disposable blade holder (TC 65, hard metal blades)
• Standard knife holder
• Object orientation
• Universal cassette clamp, orientable
• Universal cassette clamp, fixed
• Standard object clamp, orientable
• Standard object clamp, fixed
• Super-Mega cassette clamp, fixed
• Foil clamp
• Illuminated magnifier

Technical parameters

Parameter Detailed description
Section thickness range 0.5 µm to 60 µm
Section thickness selection 0.5 to 2 µm in 0.5 µm-steps
2 to 10 µm in 1.0 µm-steps
10 to 60 µm in 2.0 µm-steps
Trimming thickness setting range 10 µm, 20 µm, 30 µm, 40 µm
Horizontal specimen feed 28 mm
Vertical stroke 60 mm
Coarse feed manual
Specimen retraction automatic
Specimen orientation, horizontal
Specimen orientation, vertical
Specimen orientation, z-axis 360°
Dimensions [W x D x H] 480 x 610 x 350 mm
incl. handwheel and waste tray
Weight [w/o accessories] 33 kg

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