Linear SLEE Cromatec

The new cromatec linear stainer will greatly improve productivity and cost effectiveness for routine histology and cytology staining. The cromatec linear stainer combines consistent quality slide staining results with unmatched ease-of-use. Continuous loading of racks with a maximum of 30 slides helps to keep up with day-to-day demand and allows staining of up to 1800 slides per hour. Unique is the flexibility of the cromatec linear stainer achieved by individual timing per cuvette and free selectable positions of up to 6 washing stations to just mention a few. The charcoal filtered air will benefit the environment and protects user and the laboratory. The compact, space-saving design helps to incorporate the stainer easily into your current lab setup.


• High troughput in routine H&E stainig and cytology
• Continuous loading at any time to match individual workflows
• Individual timing station by station for utmost flexibility
• Enhanced Reagent Management System ensures best and consistens staining quality
• Fume extraction for your health and safety
• Easy operation via 7” color touch screen

Technical parameters

Parameter Detailed description
Specimen slide throughput up to 1800 slides/h*
Loading capacity up to 20 slide racks
Slide rack capacity 30 slides
Total number of stations 20
Number of washing stations max. 6
Reagent/Washing cuvettes volume 400 ml
Load/Unload stations 5 each
Programs 20 Programs
Incubation time setting 5 sec. up to 59 min, 59 sec.
Power supply Integrated uninterruptable power supply (UPS battery back-up) for power failure up to 4 h.
Exhaust air volume Minimum air volume approx. 200 m³ / h, required pressure difference of approx. 100 Pascal (Pa), nominal diameter for hose connection on the back is 100 mm.