MW 50 FL Series Microscope

MW50 series microscope is a laboratory inverted microscope, designed for work in research and industrial laboratories and academia. Modern design, plentiful accessories, bright, warm LED illumination and high-class optics make working with the MW-50 series microscope a pleasure and guarantee precise research results. The viewing head’s design allows for the attachment of microscope cameras.

Ergonomic and modern design

Technical parameters

Parameter Detailed description
Optical system CSIS (color corrected infinity optical system)
Viewing head Binocular viewing head with adjustable interpupillary distance: 54-75mm, dioptric correction: +/-5 diopters in both eyepieces. Eyepiece inclination: 45º
Eyepieces Wide field PL 10X/22mm or PL 15X/16mm (optional)
Revolving nosepiece Quintuple
Objectives Plan-achromatic, infinity-corrected phase contrast objectives with long working distance: MW50FL: LWD infinity semi-apo Fluor objective 4X,10X, (optional 60X),
LWD infinity semi-apo Fluor PH20X, PH40X;
Focus adjustment Coaxial coarse and fine Focus adjustment knob. Fine adjustment precision: 0,002mm
Stage Comfortable, large stag with stands for different specimen types. Dimensions: 160x250mm. Outfitted with coaxial XY movement mechanism. Movement range: 120x78mm
Illumination 5W/12V adjustable warm LED light source
Condenser 0.3 N.A Koehler condenser. Working distance: 72mm. Phase contrast slide plate and a slide plate for two filters
Image acquisition The microscope outfitted with a trinocular viewing head is suitable for mounting a digital microscope image acquisition set
FL module Power supply and HBO 100W mercury lamp,
filter block: B1, G1, UV1;

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