OPTA-TECH  Ring light source

The OPTA-TECH offer containes LED ring light sources designed for mounting on a stereo microscope objective. The light source has 4 independent light zones and adjustable light intensity.

Technical parameters

  • Number of LED diodes: 72
  • Light color temperature: 6500K
  • Light intensity: >15000mcd
  • Output power: 7,2W
  • Power source: 100-240V AC power source
  • Inside diameter: 62mm

Fiber optic illuminator

The OPTA-TECH light source can be used with microscopes of all known brands for reflected light observations. High power and built-in cooling system help to provide the user with cold, high-intensity light. The fiber optics can be bent into a shape that helps to best illuminate the chosen portion of the specimen.

Technical parameters

  • Fiber optic type: Twin, goose neck type. The fiber optics are finished with collectors that can Focus or diffuse the light.
  • Fiber optic length: 2x550mm.
  • Power source: 21V/230V with built-in transformer.
  • Light source: 150W/21V halogen light source.
  • Light source cooling: Built-in fan
  • Optional accessories: Fiber optic with ring illuminator, fiber slot, filters, polarizing set, different length fiber optic