Photonic Illuminators

Photonic is a leading manufacturer of illumination and opto-mechatronic systems. The company constantly expands its offer and invests in new technologies, which results in a large number of patents and world-wide acknowledgment.

In order to achieve a high-contrast, clear image of a specimen viewed under a stereo microscope, it is necessary to illuminate it with the right kind of light and at an appropriate angle. This can be achieved in three ways: reflected light illumination (this option enables the user to light the specimen with the brightest light possible and has a wide selection of available devices), dark field illumination and transmitted light illumination.


LED Hi-Power spots

LED Hi-Power spots

  • for better illumination of small surfaces (15 mm diameter);
  • light output comparable to 150 W halogen light source with fibre-optic light guide;
  • can be combined with one or two Hi-Power spots;
  • either one or both spots may be activated alternately or simultaneously.

2-armed Hi-Power spots:

  • for direct, stable attachment to microscope stands
  • perfect for use in small spaces
  • cable fed into the flexible arms
  • high-quality flexible arms.

F3000 light source


  • F3000 Brighter than 150 W halogen light source
  • Can be used in vertical position
  • Ultra-low noise fan
  • LCD display
  • Stable stackability
  • Control via USB and foot switch
  • Easy configuration of all settings (brightness/shutter/strobe parameters)
  • Electronic shutter function
  • Automatic LED switch-off when removing light guid

Hi-Performance UV neon ring light


  • For use in forensics and industry
  • Wavelength range 365 nm
  • Flicker-free
  • Homogeneous illumination