Software - Clemex PSFilter

Solutions for cleanliness analysis

The measuring of particle contamination is of the utmost importance in the manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries. Damage caused by these particles can often have detrimental effects in machinery and harmful effects in pharmaceuticals. That is why the Clemex PSFilter is specially designed to analyse contamination in different areas by measuring particles collected on membrane filters, wafers, tape lifts, or gel packs.
Clemex PSFilter automatically scans the sample and detects all particles of interest in a single step. As each field is analyzed, particles are measured and sorted based on their size, morphology or color. Data sheets are updated instantly.

Fast, reproducible results and standardized reports
The instrument processes a large number of images, classifies the particulates and generates an easily reproducible report in just a few minutes. These accurate measurement results can then be used for documentation and presentation purposes.

Conform to international standards
Particles in hydraulic fluid & oils

Evaluate fluid cleanliness levels according to ISO 4406/4407 in hydraulic and lubrication systems

Clemex PSFilter allows to choose from pre-programmed International Standards such as IEST-STD-CC1246D, ISO 16232, ISO 4406-4407, or USP 788. It also offers the option of customizing its properties so that in-house standards can be applied.

Types of analysis

  • Micro particles or micro-organisms filtered through a fluid
  • Witness plates that retained airborne particles in Cleanrooms
  • Tape lifts to determine the presence of unwanted particles or fungal spores in the environment
  • Gel-Paks used in the aeronautics industry