OPTA-TECH offers devices for high-temperature material microscope analysis. They allow for specimen temperature control and heating rate and to precisely program the characteristics of each heating and cooling cycle. The combination of a microscope, heating stage and a microscope camera gives the user the ability to document his research. It is possible to capture the image of the changes occurring in the specimen during the heating process or capture video sequences of the dynamics of the aforementioned processes. Data gathered this way allow the user for step-by-step analysis of even the most dynamic processes. Thus a digital research archive can be created and used to consult the results with specialists from other laboratories, providing them with not only the visual representation of the specimen but the temperature and time data as well.

The set is most commonly used in the analysis of fibers found in crime scenes and glass sample analysis.

Depending on type of heating table, they may contain:

  • outdoor water cooling system (closed system)
  • The control panel allows you to control the temperature ruling in the working chamber  (heating rate of the working chamber max. 200 ° C / min; duration of the heating of the sample)
  • brackets enabling for mounting the table temperature on the optical microscope
  • possibility to use a vacuum pump to conduct microscopic observations in vacuum (possible to obtain a pressure of 10-3 mbar)
  • the possibility of observation under an inert atmosphere (argon, nitrogen)
  • the possibility of observation by transmitted light or reflected light

OPTA-TECH offers all the devices produced by Linkam. The full range of Linkam products is available on the manufacturer’s web page (www.linkam.co.uk).


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