MB 5 Series Microscope

MB 5 Biological Microscope is an ergonomic and reliable device with a modern design. Easy to use and good image quality makes it an excellent choice for studio teaching. New, bright adjustable LED lights 3W provides a large amount of light for observation.

Ergonomic and modern design

Technical parameters

Parameter Detailed description
Viewing head Binocular od trinocular. Adjustable interpapillary distance: 50-75mm, Eyepiece inclination: 30º, Dioptric correction: ±5 dioptric
Eyepieces Wide field of view PL10X/18mm (optionally with an indicator or mesh)
Objectives Achromatic 4X/N.A.0.1; 10X/N.A.0.25; 40X/N.A.0.65; 100XS/N.A.1.25, (optional) Planachromatic 4X/N.A.0.1; 10X/N.A.0.25; 20X/N.A.0.40; 40X/N.A.0.65; 100XS/N.A.1.25,
Condenser N.A. 1.25 Abbego with iris diaphragm
Focus adjustment Coaxial knobs with macro and micro Focus.  Movement precision: 0,002 mm.
Stage Double layers mechanical stage with convenient vertical XY manipulators. Dimensions: 132×140 mm. Movement range: 50mm x 76mm. Movement precision 0.1mm
Illumination 3W LED – adjustable brightness; centered factory;
Base Ergonomic, openwork housing adapter to work in a teaching workshop
Power External power supply (standard)
Built-in (optional)
External power adapter and built-in battery (optional)
Additional accessories Microscope camera with analysis software

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