MI6 Series Camera

Excellent imaging performance

Sony professional CMOS sensor

· 6 megapixel sensor-IMX178
· Sensor Size-1/ 1.8″
· Pixel Size-2.4×2.4μm
· Resolution -3072 x 2048

ISP color-interpolation algorithm

Effectively improve the color deviation of the sensor Perfectly restore the true color of the sample

USB3.0 Stable high-speed transmission

Simple and convenient while ensuring a stable rate
At full resolution, 35 fps rapid imaging can be achieved

Revolutionary imaging software

From the user’s point of view, redefining the image acquisition
– editing – measurement – report output workflow process. The inclusion of latest image processing algorithm, effectively improving productivity

Real-time depth-of-field fusion

Which produces perfect results just by switching the depth

Real-time image stitching

Which can generate mosaic images while moving the stage.

Technical parameters

Parameter Detailed description
Product Model MI 6
Sensor Model SONY
Sensor Type CMOS
Sensor Size   1/1.8″
Color/Mono Color
Pixel Size 2.4 x 2.4(μm)
Resolution 3072(H) x 2048(V)
Frame 40fps @6MP
Shutter Mode  Rolling
Exposure Time 0.13ms-15s
Automatic Set Exposure, Color Scale, White Balanc
Manually Set Exposure, Gain, Noise Reduction, Gamma, Flat Field Correction
Color Temperature 2000-15000K
ADC Depth 12Bit
Picture Format JPG / PNG / TIFF
Operating System Windows 10
Camera software included
Data Interface USB 3.0
Optical Interface Standard C Mount
Camera Size 68 x 68 x 46 mm
Camera Weight 330 g
Operating Temperature 0-60℃

Files to download