MB 40 FL LED Series Microscope

LAB 40 FL Fluorescent Microscope is a LAB 40 series biological microscope with additional EPIfluorescence module. Fluorescence as a method of microscope imaging has become an invaluable tool for researchers, especially in the field of biology or medicine. Microscopes equipped with fluorescence module are most commonly used in research in the field of molecular biology. A standard EPI-fluorescence module contains: block filter set: B (blue) and G (green), fluorescent objective set, light source with mercury-vapor lamp, eye protection shield, power supply with lamp life time displayer.

Objectives: PLAN-FLUOR series plan semi-apochromatic objectives are made with high class optical materials that eliminate all aberrations. High numeric aperture allows the microscope image to have high resolution and contrast. The PLAN-FLUOR objectives ensure bright and clear image and uniformly black background in the fluorescence observation technique.

Filters: We offer a wide range of filters, e.g. for FISH or DAPI observation techniques, compatible with microscopes of other brands. We assemble block filter sets on our clients’ demand, to accommodate unusual observation techniques.

Micro-manipulators: We also offer micro-manipulators for inverted microscopes that can be used in in-vitro diagnostics. If you are interested in choosing micro-manipulators for your microscope, do not hesitate to contact us.


Technical parameters

Parameter Detailed description
Optical system Infinity-corrected optical system
Viewing head Rotary, binocular or trinocular. Eyepiece inclination: 300. Interpupilary distance: 54-75 mm, dioptric correction +/-5 diopters
Eyepieces Wide field PL10X22 mm or PL15X16mm
Revolving nosepiece  Quadruple or quintuple
Objectives Plan-Fluor: Infinity-corrected, semi-plan apochromatic: 4X, 10X, 40X, 100X (optional: 20X, 60X)
Condenser N.A.1.2/0.22 SWING
Focus adjustment Coaxial coarse and fine focus adjustment knob. Adjustable maximum top stage position and focusing height. Movement range: 30 mm. Movement precision: 0,002 mm.
Stage Double layers mechanical stage with anti-corrosive and anti-friction coating (dimensions: 175 x 145 mm, movement range: 76 x 50 mm, precision: 0,1 mm)
Illumination Built-in 6V/30W or 12V/50W adjustable halogen Koehler illumination system or 5W LED illumination system
Fluorescence Fluorescence module with 100W HBO lamp. Or LED (B, G, UV)
Power source Separate fluorescence power source with light bulb lifetime display (HBO) or LED power source with built-in rechargeable battery
Filters B, G, UV (optional)
Optional accessories Microscope camera, image acquisition and analysis software, additional fluorescence filters

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