MM 100 Series Microscope

MM 100 series inverted metallurgical microscopes are designed for observation the structure of metals, metal alloys and minerals in research institutes and industrial laboratories. The sample is lit from the bottom, through the objective.

MM 100 series microscopes can be outfitted with digital image acquisition system. The technologically advanced application provided with the camera lets the user adjust the image parameters to best visualize the analyzed specimen on the computer screen.

Apart from archiving the captured images, the software has an additional function of applying a wide range of measurements on them. Optional image acquisition, archiving and analysis software can  have additional functions added based on the user’s individual research needs.

Ergonomic design

Technical parameters

Parameter Detailed description
Viewing head Trinocular. Adjustable interpupilary distance: 48-75mm, dioptric correction: +/- 5 diopters. Eyepiece inclination: 300. Optional: viewing head with adjustable eyepiece inclination
Eyepieces Wide field PL10X20mm
Optical system Infinity-corrected optical system
Revolving nosepiece Quintuple
Objectives Plan achromatic, infinity-corrected, adjusted for work in reflected light. 4X/0.1, 10X/0.25, 20X/0.40, 40X/0.60; optional: 80X/0.9
Focus adjustment Coaxial, high-precision coarse and fine focusing knobs. Precision: coarse focusing – 37,7 mm/3600; fine focusing – 0,2 mm/3600
Stage Mechanical stage. Dimensions: 160 x 250 mm. Movement range: 30 x 30 mm
Illumination Bright, adjustable 6V/30W or 12V/50W halogen light system
Image acquisition Trinocular viewing head, adapted for camera installation

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